Jubilee Day Prayer


Jubilee Day Prayer, NAACP, Colorado Springs, Branch 4001. Roger Butts

God of many names,
God who looked upon the diversity of the world
from the very beginning
and called it good, very good,
and beautiful, very beautiful,
Bless this time.
Bless this hour.
Bless all who have ears to hear.
We shall walk together,
this year, every year,
in truth and righteousness,
in power and light
and love.
Give us strength to walk
towards justice for all,
give us a spirit of resilience
and hope,
as we proclaim that all people
in all places
have a place at the table,
that all God’s people
have a voice in the choir.
Deliver us from
this violence that has poisoned us
towards a spirit of peace.
Deliver us from tyranny,
Tyranny in our politics
Tyranny in our spirit
so that we might all be free
now and always.
Liberate us.
Bring down the haughty
and the garish and the greedy and the grim
that a spirit of joy and abundance
might claim us.
This jubilee day,
every jubilee day,
we proclaim that the captives are free
and a new world is coming, a new day is dawning.
In your many names we pray,
but mostly we pray in love and commitment
And fierce loyalty to the freeing of all the slaves
then and now and always,

Author: readingcarlsandburg

I am a Unitarian Universalist minister, serving as a hospital chaplain. I am from Galesburg, Illinois, originally, now living in Colorado Springs. I love the radical Sandburg.

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